Vision application for energy networks

Underground or in the air, telecommunications networks cover the entire territory. Every day, thousands of interventions are carried out by telecom technicians to maintain existing networks or to deploy new technologies such as fiber optics or 5G. The very ambitious France Très Haut Débit plan adopted in 2013 aims to connect all homes to fibre optic cable by 2022, which puts the sector under pressure. AI and vision application are the solutions of choice to carry out these operations in the field without loss of productivity.


Automated inspection

Automated quality control of network installations

  • Real-time quality diagnosis
  • Detection of all non-conformities visible to the naked eye
  • From a simple smartphone photo
  • Works for any type of installation: overhead and underground power lines, gas and water pipelines, etc.
For who?
  • Network operators
  • Infrastructure installation and maintenance subcontractors
Auto control

Augmented Technician application

  • Real-time feedback on intervention compliance
  • Detection of all non-conformities
  • Material and parts referencing
  • Step-by-step validation
  • Troubleshooting instructions
  • From a simple smartphone photo
For who?
  • Network operators
  • Infrastructure installation and maintenance subcontractors

How it works ?

  1. The operators take a picture of the equipment in question (poles, line, meter, connection, piping, etc.)
  2. The photo is analyzed by the application that has learned to recognize the elements of interest.
  3. The application detects and locates the presence of an error, an omission or an inconsistency in the photo.
  4. Depending on the case, the technician may be guided by the application until the operation is validated, or a statement of conformity may be issued.

Improve the quality of your network

Thanks to vision application, guarantee that 100% of your interventions are compliant and contain no anomalies. The components of your network last longer and the quality of service for your consumers is optimal.

Augment the productivity of your technicians

Thanks to real-time feedback, technicians complete their interventions on their first pass, which considerably reduces the rate of re-intervention. The increased visibility on interventions results in an optimized schedule for all.

Improve customer satisfaction

Exceed your customers’ expectations thanks to a reliable and fast network, successful interventions the first time and in a short period of time. Bring the latest innovations to your customers with enhanced digital services that will empower them.

Stand out from your competitors

Stand out with a network and services of better quality than your competitors. Thanks to vision application, respond to your customers’ requests for intervention in the shortest possible time, while giving them more means to install and repair their equipment autonomously.


“Our priority is the quality of the customer experience, but this is difficult to guarantee when you perform thousands of interventions every day. With Deepomatic’s solution, we can achieve this goal. This tool allows our operational staff to focus on tasks with higher added value.”

Carmine Muscariello
Director of Operations and Fixed Customer Quality
Bouygues Telecom


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