Visual automation platform

Vision application for telecom networks

Improve the quality of your network by controlling 100% of your interventions

Differentiate yourself from your competitors with a quality network and great reactivity

Improve customer satisfaction with successful first time interventions

Reduce your re-intervention rate with real-time feedback to technicians



Visual quality control of connection interventions

  • Feedback on the conformity of interventions in real time
  • Step-by-step validation on the various equipment (pooling points, optical termination points, etc.).
  • Detection of all non-conformities visible to the naked eye
  • All this from a simple smartphone photo

For whom?

Quality, Deployment, Operation, Maintenance, After-Sales Service Department of network operators and Internet service providers


Visual quality control of fibre optic deployment sites

  • Automated quality diagnosis in real time
  • Detection of all non-conformities
  • From a simple smartphone photo
  • Works for any type of infrastructure (fibre optic, copper, 5G)

For whom?

Deployment and Operations Department of Infrastructure Operators
and companies involved in the construction and maintenance of the telecom network.

How it works ?

  1. A technician or a client takes a picture of the equipment in question (cable,
    pole, underground conduit, access, etc.).
  2. The photo is analyzed by the application that has learned to recognize the elements of interest.
  3. The application detects and locates the presence of an error, an omission or an inconsistency in the photo.
  4. Depending on the case, the technician or the client may be guided by the application until the operation is validated, or a statement of conformity may be issued.


“Our priority is the quality of the customer experience, but this is difficult to guarantee when you perform thousands of interventions every day. With Deepomatic’s solution, we can achieve this goal. This tool allows our operational staff to focus on tasks with higher added value.”

Carmine Muscariello,
Director of Operations and Fixed Customer Quality,
Bouygues Telecom


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