Webinar: How to optimize each intervention with the Augmented Worker

The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the need for business development in several sectors, particularly field services. With these changes come challenges for the companies which have difficulty in digitising their processes. Marc Minisini, Managing partner at BengS and Aloïs Brunel, co-founder and CPO of Deepomatic led a webinar presenting the concept of the Augmented Worker. […]

How can Computer Vision revolutionize field service management?

The world of work is changing, and even more so with the Covid-19 crisis. This upheaval is particularly felt by those who are responsible for the start-up, operation and control of our machines and installations: mobile technicians. The tools available to these technicians haven’t changed much because the control of interventions remains complex due to […]

The 6 steps to create your own image recognition system

Artificial intelligence, especially image recognition, will soon have a prominent place in our daily lives. The possibilities offered by this technology are considerable, as it will improve existing services and create new ones, stimulate new economic opportunities and thus redefine the standards of our industries. Image recognition already has many uses in everyday life, and […]

Image identification, between image recognition and visual search

Often misused, the concept of “image identification” is more and more common. By definition, image identification allows to identify and discern the nature of an image or its components. However, it does not specifically correspond to a scientific notion and it lacks precision. Image identification does not really exist While the use of “image identification” […]

What is image recognition?

The emergence of artificial intelligence opens the way to new development potential for our industries and businesses. More and more, companies are using Computer Vision, and in particular image recognition, to improve their processes and increase their productivity. So we decided to explain to you in a few words what image recognition is, how it […]

What is object recognition and how you can use it

Object recognition. A new concept? Spoiler alert! Notwithstanding the two different labels, there is no real difference between object recognition and image recognition. In fact, they both refer to technologies that can recognize certain targeted subjects through specific algorithms like deep learning. They are strictly related to computer vision, which we define as the art […]

Definition of video recognition and its value in business

In this article, we provide a definition of video recognition and describe its main uses and value in business. But before diving into the topic, we want to give you more context about the major technologies around it. So, we start with artificial intelligence. According to Gartner (1), “Artificial intelligence (AI) applies advanced analysis and logic-based […]

Implications of GDPR on AI and image recognition

GDPR, AI, image recognition: what are the main implications for your business? AI is moving fast. And where technologies progress, regulations must evolve too. In fact, the European Parliament has decided to update personal data regulations to catch up with AI. Thus, we want to give you a grasp on what’s changing and how it can […]

Difference between computer vision and image recognition

Though subtle, there is a difference between computer vision and image recognition. Therefore, we decided to explain the nuance between these two often associated and confused concepts. Computer vision and image recognition are not the same things! As explained in a previous article, computer vision is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI). Indeed, it is […]