Webinar: How to optimize each intervention with the Augmented Worker

The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the need for business development in several sectors, particularly field services. With these changes come challenges for the companies which have difficulty in digitising their processes. Marc Minisini, Managing partner at BengS and Aloïs Brunel, co-founder and CPO of Deepomatic led a webinar presenting the concept of the Augmented Worker. […]

How can Computer Vision revolutionize field service management?

The world of work is changing, and even more so with the Covid-19 crisis. This upheaval is particularly felt by those who are responsible for the start-up, operation and control of our machines and installations: mobile technicians. The tools available to these technicians haven’t changed much because the control of interventions remains complex due to […]

The 6 steps to create your own image recognition system

Artificial intelligence, especially image recognition, will soon have a prominent place in our daily lives. The possibilities offered by this technology are considerable, as it will improve existing services and create new ones, stimulate new economic opportunities and thus redefine the standards of our industries. Image recognition already has many uses in everyday life, and […]