La data drift or how to regain control of your AIs in production (Part 2)

Data drift is a phenomenon that causes Machine Learning applications to become obsolete during the production phase. In this article, we discuss how you can regain control over your projects despite this problem. We saw in previous post that data drift refers to environmental changes that confuse AI and decrease its performance. The concept perfectly […]

Data Drift or the Nightmare of Artificial Intelligence in Production (Part 1)

For companies, putting an Artificial Intelligence application into production is the Holy Grail. Yet a simple and well-known phenomenon threatens projects in production: the natural weakening of their performance, called “data drift”. You’ve heard it many times before, nothing in life, except diamonds, lasts forever. Your smartphone is getting slower and slower (and you have […]

Women in tech: the real digital innovation

A step forward in law, a step backward in business. Slowly but surely, things are moving in France for the respect of professional equality. Articles of the Labour Code such as L1142-5 or L1142-4 provide for measures to establish equal opportunities between women and men. In particular, companies with more than 50 employees will be […]

Agritech for smart farmers – How computer vision is transforming the agri-food sector

Few people know that farmers are the most connected socio-professional category. And yet! Agritech – which combines digital technology and agriculture – is booming in France and around the world. This is an opportunity for AI companies to use their advanced technology to support sustainable and profitable agriculture. According to Xavier Besseyre des Horts (sales […]

Revaluing our waste through Artificial Intelligence

A new deal in the global recycling market About 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced worldwide each year, and a large part of this waste is produced in the West and sent to Southeast Asia. But receiving countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia or Thailand do not have the capacity to sort this plastic […]

The augmented worker: AI as mean of perpetuating the transmission of business expertise

© D.R. In our previous article, “The Augmented Worker: What AI will change for technical auditors“, we saw how visual recognition can create virtual assistants that can increase the productivity of operational staff, the quality of their services, and the value of their work. Today, we will see how the integration of AI into operational […]

The Augmented Worker: What AI will change for technical auditors

Thanks to AI, the augmented worker can boost companies’ productivity and reduce the monotony of technicians’ job to let them focus on their key expertise. Operational activities entail several technical audits where technicians carry out their tasks and make judgments based on norms. The job is hard and repetitive and the stakes are high. In […]

Applications of AI in the pharmaceutical industry

There are several applications of AI in the pharmaceutical industry: optimization of production lines, lab expertiments, and safety. Last week, Sanofi announced they plan to invest €60 million in new digital technologies by the end of 2021. Their goal is to adapt and modernize their entire global industrial network, including 75 plants around the world. […]

Benefits of AI in the public transport industry

This article presents five concrete use cases of AI applications in the public transport industry and illustrates how this sector can benefit from them. Europe is at the forefront of developing AI in transport and in the creation of autonomous transport. In October, in France, RATP announced an innovative application. The company decided to launch […]