Deepomatic partners with VECTOR SOLUTIONS to bring Visual Automation to Polish telecom operators deploying fiber optic

byEléonore Tezenas

Paris, April 7th, 2022 – Deepomatic, the leader in Visual Automation for telecommunications, announced today a partnership with Polish system integrator VECTOR SOLUTIONS to provide its AI-powered image recognition solution to all telecom operators in Poland, accelerating the rollout of fiber optic in the country.

Since the update of its National Broadband Plan in 2020, Poland has placed strong emphasis on deploying fiber in order to hit the Gigabit Society targets: 100% of households should have access to broadband speeds of at least 100Mbps by 2025, with the ability to upgrade to gigabit speeds. Today, nearly 50% of Polish households have been passed, and 15% of users are actually connected to fiber. But while building the network and connecting users will be fundamental to meet the national objectives, the quality of field interventions will be key to ensure customer satisfaction.

Deepomatic’s Visual Automation solution analyzes photos captured by field technicians during their work orders and alerts them instantly in case of anomalies. Using this analysis, Deepomatic’s platform provides information to network quality and operation management teams about their operations performances and the state of the network assets in real-time. Deepomatic has proven experience with European wholesale carriers, internet service providers and subcontractors, such as Bouygues Telecom, Swisscom, CityFibre, or Sogetrel.

“We believe the telecom fiber industry will develop at a fast pace in Poland, since providing high-speed broadband to local users has never been more important than today. VECTOR SOLUTIONS has excellent records of providing digital services to local operators and we are absolutely thrilled to partner with them to address the Polish market.” says Augustin Marty, CEO of Deepomatic.
Deepomatic has demonstrated that its Visual Automation platform contributed to an increased quality of service, and empowered telecom customers with reliable and accurate data to drive their operations. We are convinced that joining our expertise will help Polish telecom operators streamline their fiber construction and connection works through successful interventions, cost-efficiency, and better planning of operations.” adds Marcin Ułasik, CTO of VECTOR SOLUTIONS.

About Deepomatic:
Deepomatic is the leading visual automation provider, allowing field services companies to lower the cost of quality and compliance, and to streamline their physical world operations.
The company relies on industry-leading image recognition and AI to instantly assess the state of field operations and guide technicians towards successful task completion. With Deepomatic, telecommunication companies benefit from network observability, tangible quality indicators, and the ability to perform predictive analysis on the visual data and metadata collected.
Leading commercial operators, infrastructure owners and network integrators including Bouygues Telecom, CityFibre, or Swisscom use Deepomatic’s solution to connect subscribers more reliably, improve quality of service and drive long-term infrastructure ROI.

The company is part of VECTOR Capital Group, present on the telecommunications market since 1988. VECTOR SOLUTIONS specializes in designing, integrating and maintaining the comprehensive end-to-end solutions for telecommunications and data center operators, enterprise, and the media industry in Poland. Its core competence involves technological fields such as access networks infrastructure, IP core network, data center & cloud and video. From the very beginning, the Tri-City integrator they rely on helps its partners select optimal solutions by presenting a full spectrum of the technologies that ensure safe development, now and in the future.


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