Deepomatic named “cool vendor” by GARTNER

Paris, France – 11.28.19 Deepomatic is thrilled to be recognized in the September 2019 Gartner Cool Vendors in AI for Computer Vision: Creating Viable Technology Across Industries report. According to the report, “advances in 3D algorithms, image sensors, cameras and deep neural networks have made computer vision a viable technology for a wide variety of […]

Helping blind and low vision people cross the road

Today, for the hackathon we organized at the office, we decided to help blind and low vision people by creating a tool that would help them understand their environment better. AI in general and image recognition in particular are two technologies that will transform industries as a whole and change many aspects of our daily […]

AI meets IoT: Nutanix join forces with Deepomatic

By: Rohit Goyal, Principal Product Marketing Manager at Nutanix & Thibaut Duguet, Product Manager at Deepomatic. Many organizations are faced with digital transformation challenges especially when it comes to adopting new technologies. Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are two concepts which will enable organizations to rethink traditional edge solutions and drive new revenue […]

The roadmap of our video recognition platform is public

The product roadmap of our video recognition platform is public. Check what’s coming in the product and give us your feedback through our three features: Launched, Planned and Considered. Artificial intelligence (AI) in general and computer vision in particular are booming at the moment. At Deepomatic, our raison d’être is to make those new technologies […]

Local AI applications with Deepomatic Run®

We are thrilled to announce the release of Deepomatic Run®, which allows you to deploy local AI applications. Deepomatic Run® adds the ability to run neural networks locally as well as in the cloud. You can still use and integrate our web APIs into your applications and experiment on your data in the cloud. In […]

The AI Software 2.0 is already here

Deep learning has been all the rage over the past few years, but recently the community has sobered-up. “Deep learning” search occurrences according to Google trends. Is this a plateau? A downturn? For sure, deep learning is one of the most significant technological breakthroughs we’ve seen in the last decade. However, it sometimes feels like […]

Customized video recognition platform for your business

Our product allows you to create a customized video recognition platform for your business with clear processes and an easy-to-use annotation system. In this blog, we wrote that AI is for everyone, laying the foundations of what we envision building at Deepomatic. Today, we want to give you an update on real use cases we […]