Be aware of how many times you touch your face and help fight the expansion of covid 19

byThibaut Duguet

Deepomatic releases a chrome extension to help people become aware of the frequency with which they touch their face to assist in the adoption of barrier gestures promoted by health authorities.

We touch our face all the time and A LOT… but it’s very hard to avoid it.

According to a 2015 study in the American Journal of Infection Control, people touch their faces more than 20 times an hour on average. About 44 percent of the time, it involves contact with the eyes, nose, or mouth.

The motions you need to make to move your arms and hands to touch your face in a particular place are roughly the same each time you do it, and you have been practicing these motions your whole life.

Hence, touching your face is an act that most people perform without thinking, which makes it hard to avoid.

It helps spread viruses and especially coronavirus

In the context of the covid-19 epidemic, several advice are recommended by the medical profession to avoid the contamination and transmission of pathogens : avoid large gatherings, wash your hands regularly, and don’t touch your face. The latter does indeed prevent contamination to a certain extent. Combined with regular handwashing, it is also a means of fighting the spread of the virus and protecting others, especially those around you.

Deepomatic releases a chrome extension based on computer vision to help people gain awareness

While millions of people are now regularly working from home, Deepomatic has used its expertise in creating computer vision applications to develop a free chrome extension that allows you to track the number of times you touch your face while in front of your computer. The application uses your webcam to monitor and track when you touch your face. Follow the link to install the extension and start tracking your face touches.

The extension runs on the browser ensuring that no private data is sent to remote servers and to guarantee a complete protection of your privacy. It works with a low computing capacity to allow you to continue to work and to entertain yourself while forgetting its existence. But that’s also why we can’t guarantee 100% performance and accuracy.
It should be seen more as a general indicator and it is above all an educational tool that we hope will enable people to become more aware of an often unconscious process and thus help them to better respect the instructions of the health authorities.

What’s next?

This is a small contribution to a major challenge we all face. We launched on Product Hunt so feel free to check it out and to give us your feedback on this first version of the extension. We will be very happy to improve it and help as many people as possible.

AI Face touching detector - Get aware of facial contacts and fight the covid 19 spread. | Product Hunt Embed

We are also aware that where the needs are greatest are in other environments where many people still have to be around each other every day (grocery stores, hospitals etc.) and we would be pleased to make our expertise available if we can help on specific cases. Contact us at if you think we can help.


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